Add a job vacancy for as little as $50

Posted: 10.10.2016
Advertise your job vacancy on Vetme for as little as $50... for as long as it takes! NO hidden cost! NO extra charges!

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We're back!

Posted: 28.07.2016
Vetme is back online!
....And we're here to help you find the perfect job, locum or employee.

So what's been going on? Where have we been?

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Posted: 07.01.2016
Happy New Years to all!

Across the festive season we have been a bit slack at Vetme (had a few beers along the way), but are back in action for the year ahead.

Our 6 month FREE TRIAL is ongoing!  We still believe we have the best service and product online for the veterinary industry of Australia and New Zealand, so please try it out.  We are here to help find the perfect candidate / locum position.  

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December is Here!

Posted: 03.12.2015
What a year!  I can not believe it is December already!

Congratulations and thank you for discovering Vetme this year.  It has been a steep learning and growth curve for us, but we are really here to stay, and serve the veterinary community.

Wishing everyone a super summer, Merry Christmas, and smashing New Years!  Please get on our Facebook and say hi too.

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Our Veterinary Community

Posted: 15.10.2015
Here at Vetme, I aim to bring together the community to help find the perfect job, locum, or employer for you.  We combine social media reach with a modern job board site to make it as useful as possible.

There are many other amazing resources to find and help each other out there.  Check out
The hub of the Australian Veterinary industry online, can help you find anyone or thing you may need .  Sign up for (free!) for the best email wrap of the week.
Help Meowt
If you require a more personal service, check out Help Meowt, who can sort out almost anything you need, individual just for you. 

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Vetme Jobs on Google + Facebook

Posted: 19.09.2015
Vetme Jobs has celebrated its 4th Month birthday!!

Launched in May 2015 we are bring fresh air to the Australian and NZ veterinary employment marketplace.  Wooosh feel the breeze...

Search "vet locum australia" and we now rank THIRD on Google!!

Our Facebook page now has >2000 followers of our jobs newsfeed, and occasional funny video.  This site currently has >2000 indervidual active visits a month.

So what are you waiting for?  Employers sign up now for 6 months free advertising.  Employee's spread the word there is change in the air!


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Vet Jobs GO VIRAL August 15

Posted: 18.08.2015
Your job ad can go viral too!

Our most popular ad has reached 6069 people via Facebook exposure, and had 238 direct page views by people specifically interested in reading that one ad!

This are awesome numbers for Vetme who has only been around for almost 3 months now.  If you like the site, please sign up, post an ad, join us on Facebook, and spread the word!

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THE NEW Veterinary Employment and Locum SITE

Posted: 02.07.2015 recieved over 2000 unique visits to our webpage last month!  Our Facebook has over 1500 followers!

There has never been a better *currently free* place to advertise your veterinary jobs!  Sign up now both employers and job seekers

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Locum Locum Locum

Posted: 15.06.2015

Noun, 1. locum - someone (veterinarian or clergyman) who substitutes temporarily for another member of the same profession

Jobs and Job Seekers Look No Further!  The veterinary industry of Austrlaia and New Zealand now have an easy and affordable portal to advertise and find locum vet jobs, including for vet nurses and support staff.

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One Thousand Followers!

Posted: 13.05.2015
A huge thank you to all our support over at Vetme Facebook, we have now over a thousand people following us! Join the growing community, and help spread the word about Vetme, the new portal to share veterinary industry jobs and locum positions.    

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